Mauve tree

Another very busy day at work. A project I completed last week went into live without a ripple, let a lot a splash. I'm very pleased with the work I did and the solution we have, even if it's actually a pointless process.

The project I'm working on at the moment is now in the build phase and I'm very busy and feeling productive. Annoyingly I did make one error which will cause a testing delay, however it's not catastrophic.

Today's blip is the mauve and green tree in the living room. I'm no great fan of Christmas but I do like the decorations. My better half won't let me do anything I want - I like lots of lights of different colours and lots of decorations of all shapes and sizes. Instead we have three colour schemes: a red & silver, blue & silver and mauve & green. Only white, non-flashing lights are allowed... ;-( The red and blue schemes come out the most often as they are the most bold but this year I thought I'd try the mauve again with more lights and crystals to see if it works better. Tomorrow I'll set up the red/silver tree in the dining room - did I mention we have two trees?

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