My Visual Diary

By asussexlady

Just breathe

Spent a large chunk of my day here, again. Numerous tests which may be unpleasant but is better than a doctor not taking you seriously. Left with a shiny monitor to wear for a week, I've already got myself tangled in the wires several times.

New Cross Hospital gets a lot of bad press, especially its A and E department, but I think it's fantastic to have a huge hospital so close. This place is a ten minute drive from my home. My hometown in Sussex has a shell of a hospital, remnants of what was once a bustling, useful hospital - their nearest "real" hospital is a 25 minute drive away. Ridiculous and a case that is sadly becoming too common. In summer we were in a city in north England and required a proper A and E - the ambulance took us to the nearest one, an hour's drive away!

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