By BushyTail

First SmartPhone

The black Samsung Galaxy S4 4G LTE on the right arrived this morning. My first smartphone, it takes over the reins from my friend of six years and five months, the Motorola W315 on the left. The W31 ,5 has been an amazingly durable phone, and suffered many a fall, and much scratching, with nary a complaint. But the last two couple of tumbles cleft it clean in twain.

The new phone has an issue with its SIM card that the carrier should sort out first thing in the morning, after which one should be able to use it.


B: Holism is baloney.
C: Would you agree that putting one's foot in one's mouth is bad?
B: Yes.
C Would you agree that shooting oneself in the foot is bad also?
B: Yes... oh.

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