Daily Wild

By emyjane

Expect the unexpected

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It may be freezing cold & blowing a gale, but these yellow dung flies on the last of the cow parsley were totally oblivious to it all!

And something so incredibly pink!

All things bright

News in that Nelson Mandela has died, that's not unexpected, he has been ill & wow he got to 95 too! RIP!

Did my Pilates tonight, unfortunately I'm totally knackered, so it was pretty difficult. Tomorrow is a LONG day as it's my art exhibition private view, I am really looking forward to it, I just hope I don't feel quite as tired as I have done today/tonight - you'd think I would feel fine, I work out at the gym every morning, eat a very healthy diet, go to bed at a reasonable time, wake up at a reasonable time, yet I still feel zzzzz


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