By kamran

Afternoon with Julia IV

Once again with Julia.

This time driving (Go Kart) mini race cars. Julia drove pretty well and was always in control on sharp turns. I was at times faster than her, but absolutely out of control like a drunk driver. I made an accident and hit her car-side hard near a U-turn. Two times my car skidded at the angle of 180 and numerous times I hit the tyres on the side of the tracks. Each of us drove 20 laps in 15 minutes. Julia's fastest lap 47 sec, and mine 44 sec.

After race, we went inside one of the abandoned factories nearby and did some pictures there. For all Julia's fans, here are some sample shots ;-)

* Through broken glass (My favourite)
* Looking up
* Julia in B&W

Did some adventures in the building sneaking through small holes and climbing at dangerous places.

Next we took tram and went to Indian Restaurant Maharadscha Palace. Ordered Chicken curry, lentils, Tandori Roti and Shahi Naan, in drinks we took Mango Lassi and sprite. It was a great great dinner. Talking was always on. I think this time Julia spoke as much as I did :) hehehehe.

A memorable evening with Julia full of laughs.

P.S. Time spent together: 5h 15min

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