Weird stuffs

Apparently our tv-over-ip provider supports some sort of hardware-tv, with a handfull of nerds talking about techy subjects like harddisks and NAS and all. Too technical for the average person, too slow (and not on-demand enough) for nerds like... what the fsck is their target-audience?

And apart from that: we can has 'hyves' (dutch networking site, bit myspace/facebook-like) on the tv. Log-in on a 42" screen, so the neigbours can see you select your password with the remote... ofcourse. very.. different.

Then ofcourse there's a new wii game, something with 'boom' in it. It seems to have a form of mulitplayer-coop-jenga on it. Weird, but funny. Thanks ebay :)

Finally: picasa 3.5 has face-recognition. Prepare for long load times (at least my huge collection of RAW files takes ages to be scanned for faces.).. but its fun. It recognizes faces (duh), and suggests 'groups' of them. At a certain level it works pretty good, but you still have to type the name of the person ofcourse to start of.

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