My Aim is True


the Burberry effect

Went to work today, passing the students coming out of an exam (I remember the same scenario last year - so I must have been just as busy then, to necessitate working at the weekend). But got lots done, I actually like the peace and quiet of working at the weekend.

Went to get some shopping after and then had impromtu G&Ts with a friend and caught up on gossip.

Only two drinks though and was looking forward to relaxing in front of the telly. But as Croz says it was rather dire - Big Brother, the gayest show ever and more dross about Dear Darling Dead Diana. So just looked at blipfoto, instead.

I blipped this young lady in the deli. Despite being clad in burberry, she was foreign rather than schemie. However it would appaer that the burberry skirt had magical powers; she manged to barge infront of me and get served immediately. So maybe Burberry made the wearer a schemie, rather than the wearer making Burberry schemie.

Still annoyed that I was not quick enough to blip the preganant bird smoking in the doorway of the chippie in Stockbridge (of all places!)

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