By IronWill2013

Two Little Kittens

I got my wife a Fujifilm X20 camera for Christmas, but she wanted to use it straight away "I don't want to miss out on 2 weeks of the kitten's growth", so .... here's a shot of them with the new camera.

The camera is pretty nifty .... it can shoot 12 frames per second (that's faster than my DSLR) and it shoots in RAW too. So far, the photo quality is pretty impressive (not DSLR quality, but very good).

The kittens appear to be the same weight now (around 650g). If that is true, then Leo has gained a lot in the last week. I'll weigh them again tonight to be sure.

Chrissi is still sneezing sometimes, but their eyes and noses have cleared up a great deal. Won't be long until they are 100%.

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