By CameraHappy

The Road Home

An expression we use when the roads are treacherous is "white-knuckle-driving". Today was one of those days. I clung to the steering wheel and focused intently. The roads were sheer ice in some parts and the snow was falling. It took me about triple the time to get home.

Traveling on the first freeway was slow, but everyone was driving cautiously, so it went without incident. The second freeway had a bit of snow for grip and the drivers were speeding along quite a bit faster. Suddenly all the traffic slowed down and we inched along for about 10 kilometers. We found out the reason for the slow-down was having to avoid a 7 vehicle pile-up.

In some parts of the drive, the motorists had to come to a complete stop. It gave me the opportunity to get out my camera. I used the dashboard for a tripod, put it on a second or two shutter speed and this is the result of one of the shots.

I was glad to get home safely and am hopeful that no one was seriously injured in the pile-up.

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