Bethlehem Story

Break-down today.
I was inside helping undo the historical museum "city walls". Numbered all the the framed information and maps so they could be quickly put up next year, then removed them into appropriate stacks. Numbered the city wall panels as well - small numbers on outer lower left corner, then large numbers on the back brace bar. Many hands made light work - we cleared a new area in the storage room; unbolted the panels, carried in and stacked them as quickly as we could since the potluck set-up crew needed to put up the tables, cover with tablecloths, assemble the candle and greenery decorations for tonight.
When finished with interior break-down I went out to where Mr. LovePopcorn and others were raking up the straw, boxing and labeling props. I helped sort the Potter's area seen in this blip on the left.
Then home to make Sweet 'n Sour Christmas Meatballs for cast/crew potluck.

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