By louielouie

Two Little Santas

Every December for every year of my life, these little guys have arrived (from the Christmas decoration's box) and signaled the start of the holiday season for me.

Now these little dudes are old. Even older than me! And probably even older then my big sister!!

My folks had these when we were kids back at the old house in Cardonald. Now that Mum & Dad have gone I'm the curator...

Every time I see them I'm taken back to my childhood & those early family Christmases with Mum, Dad & Janice.

But these weren't just decorations. For a few weeks of the year they were wholeheartedly incorporated into all sorts of childhood games, battles, adventures and races. They were just like all my other toys. How they've lasted this long I'll never know. And it looks like there's a fair old mileage left in them yet!

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