love light

By lrw


Forty Two! I wanted to shout out to him. He is obviously contemplating life, the universe and everything.

But I also wanted to shout out "ICE" as it was silly slippery all along the beach today.

While developing this roll today, I agitated the film more than recommended. I understand the theory and chemistry behind why this might reduce contrast, but I was interested to see just how much it might have this effect. I agitated 15 seconds (rather than 10) every minute for the seven minutes this film took to develop and sure enough - I see a noticeable reduction in contrast. I think I will try 5 seconds every minute for my next roll.

Also, I am using a 28-70mm Tamron zoom lens that came with one of my Pentax cameras. I don't like it nearly as much as the 50mm f1.2. And while the exif info (below) suggests I took this at 28mm, I am sure it was actually at 70mm. I need to use it a few more days just to get used to it.

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