We watched the Hollyoaks omnibus and the Singapore Grand Prix on my TV via Carl's Freeview box. The picture was fantastic for both. The race was a bit of a processional bore, though drive-through penalties for both Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel (both of which we were sorry to see happen) added some spice to proceedings. Lewis Hamilton won, and Jenson Button magically worked his way up higher and higher into the points-earning positions, stretching his Championship lead rather than shrinking it as expected. Just three races to go and then the season ends.

Carl dropped me and my TV back home afterwards, and I spent the rest of the day lazily. There was some more material waiting for me from the quarterly magazine client, so I got stuck in to that and uploaded it for approval. Apart from that it was TV and music. Watching my own bog-standard Freeview setup made me restless to upgrade it after the wonderful picture I'd seen in Carl's, so I'll follow up on this long-threatened upgrade shortly.

After Carl left, I went back out a bit later for a not-as-long-as-it-should-have-been walk. That's when I came across these autumnal leaves, hanging over a wall along the way. The change is definitely under way, with more and leaves fallen already and the colour change spreading on the leaves which still remain on the trees. The colours are nice, but it still isn't a time of year that I like.


I've back-blipped yesterday.

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