At last - a Christmassy shot

This evening I made a special effort and went down to Hardy Street at 11pm to get my blip!  Christina thought I was quite mad, but then other blippers will be used to this sort of reaction and understand my motives entirely.  On the way back from the Lantern celebration on Saturday night, I passed this window and was struck by how pretty it looked with its Christmas display.  I was glad I had been driving through the deserted streets at so late an hour and been able to appreciate it.  Because, of course, we are a few days shy of the midsummer solstice here just now, meaning it doesn't get dark until about 10pm.

It was hard to decide which of the three windows of this antique shop to blip.  I decided on this image because it has the tree in it, but the other two are equally beautiful with their crystal, silver, red, white and gold adornments.  I have put them in my blipfolio.   The assemblage of items is, as the name of the shop suggests - Eclectic.  I have previously blipped treasures found here - the dressing table and a teacup and saucer being two.

Nicky arrives tomorrow morning - he nearly missed his flight from Bahrain because he got the day wrong!  He was all set to go to dinner with some friends, when someone else pointed out to him that 1am on the 17th was "tonight, not tomorrow night!"

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