The quiet bubble blower

Unlike last year, I did not spot many photographers this time. Very few with decent cameras, and most among them foreigners.

The sleep last night was just terrible. The noise, the hooting, the blowing of horns, old taxis being roused to duty and general banter kept me awake all night. But as we were out in the morning, the situation had calmed down and the overcast skies made it rather inviting. This is the best weather one can expect in Calcutta at this time of the year.

There are a couple of instances though where, had I been traveling alone, I would have done things differently. There were a couple of musicians sitting by the roads, strumming upon a Fender acoustic and a Korg keyboard. They created a wonderful sound, warming up, lazily strumming... I would have stood there awhile had time permitted. For the atmosphere lies in these little things. The Pujas are a good time to remember that the journey is often more important than just reaching the destination. Even on the night before, there were a couple of Dhakis, playing traditional drums where I wish we had sat awhile longer. There are loads of memories of the Pujas since we were very young. But I can't help but think that the generation before us were far more energetic than we are. Our enthusiasm often begins and ends in our words. Would love to re-visit the Pujas again with a photographer who wouldn't mind all the walking. That would make for a good experience.

More street food and some delicious and rather fancy ice-cream, that is how the day ended. The last full day of the Pujas. It is sad really. All those lights will go off. People won't dress up in their best like going to a large party where everyone is invited. Let me try and see if a solo venture with the camera is a good idea.

There were so many plans but far too little time to execute them all. Much has happened. In a couple of days we leave.

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