My train was cancelled this morning. Actually it showed as arriving 2 minutes in the past for about 10 minutes, then went to delayed and finally a voice announced it had hit something and engineers were on their way to investigate. So I walked home and my met my better half (she is normally on the following train to me) and we went to work in the car instead.

On the way home to make use of getting the car out we did a shopping run on the way home and spent a seeming fortune on stuff. Considering how little seasonal junk we buy and how generally frugal we are, I'm amazed that anyone can afford to be extravagant at all given the price of stuff.

Tonight's back-blip is a little stamped steel reindeer thing you use a tea-candle to propel around. It was taken a bit late in the evening and I'm just got round to uploading it, as I had several and wasn't sure which picture worked best.

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