By sp33dway

love strawberries

Thanks to fellow blippers Chunk and Little Pitbull for inviting me to their wedding partay. It was great to catchup with Dirtmonkey and Mrs DM and we had a good laugh chatting about nothing serious, acting like big excited kids (which always seems to happen when I get together with DM these days) and chasing sambucas round the table. I was introduced to Melly, another fellow blipper (nice to have met you, brief as it was) and a few other people who I haven't seen for a couple of eons.

A top night. At one point a young fellow sitting opposite wearing a tie that matched the outfit of his better half (who seemed really nice, btw) found it appropriate to send his middle finger my way, flipping the birdie for no apparent reason other than the fact that he must be a tad socially inept. Either that or it's the new 'thing' to do that to people you've just met across a table and don't know, for a joke lyke?

Thankfully I'm a fun loving guy so my only response was to laugh then ignore, something that wasn't really that hard to do. Especially when a plate of wedding cake appeared for scoffage:-)

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