a town called E.

By Eej

Stay Frosty, Kalamazoo.

It's sad that one of the prettiest things on earth brings so much trouble - many power outages in Kalamazoo because of the freezing rain and when we went over there after my last day of work for 2013 we realised that it was MUCH worse there than in Paw Paw.
But oh, is it pretty.

Did I mention it was my last day of work? After K'zoo we celebrated with a Festivus brew on the corner. HURRAY!

Something I read a bit earlier is still resonating and I'm trying to hold on to it:
"Comparison is the thief of happiness."
I was taught that 'other people have it worse than you' and that that should make me somehow happy. It never did - and comparing things the other way round is just as ineffective. So I'm not doing it anymore. Well, I'm trying to :)

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