Thirty No More

By MarkusMeerkat

Dereliction: inside

This had taken a bloody long time to upload.

I tried to upload this on Christmas Eve, and wrote my biggest Blip ever, but the blasted thing failed to upload.

Now that is uploaded, I can try and add some words.

We had snow on Christmas Eve, but not enough to lay on the grass. The hills got quite a covering, but a few days later it was all washed away.

This is the inside of the derelict house that I blipped on the 23rd.

My father in law told me afterwards that it used to have a cellar, so I guess I'm lucky not to have broken my neck when I went inside it.

I went out to Blip the snow on the hills as the sun shone onto it, with the big snow laden clouds looming. However I was too late.
The snow came in, and I heading into this to have a wall to protect me ( i.e. the camera ) from the snow.

So I took the opportunity to slow the inside. It's probably only got a few more winters left before it comes crashing down.

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