The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Nicola and John, just hitched....

As promised one picture of the wedding that I photographed, and boy was it stressful, a number of things went wrong, BMJnr never got his car back from the garage, and he was doing the visitors arriving at the church, and he couldn't get there, so I had to race back and give him my car and I had Mrs BM's, (he's not on her policy).
I raced back, (not really in a Rover 25), took all the church shots, and then got promptly lost in Stourport due to Roadworks going to the reception. I did manage to do all the set shots, but with my coat wrapped around me, as I had managed to sit in some grease or oil and it looked like I had just had an unmentionable accident, so another race home to change.
By this time, I was running low on fuel and with less than an eighth of a tank I finally made it to the reception proper for the speeches, cutting the cake and the first dance, I even had time for some food, first all day.

So the moral is.....

1 Fill the tank up with fuel
2 Carry spare trousers
3 carry food, water, scissors, needle and cotton, spare batteries, and CF card.

Most of which I had done.

Any way I kept calm and was like a duck, calm up top and paddling like hell underneath.

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