Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1

Falling Down

I spent another weekend with Phoebe and Leanne, driving the 190 mile journey on Friday night.

We had to wake Phoebe up on Saturday morning, as having a quiet room she seems to sleep for longer, we then headed to Berwick to meet Leanne's friend Kirsty and her two sons.

Later at night Phoebe suffered her first real injury, as she was walking across the livingroom (walking more often than crawling now), she tripped and fell onto one of her toys and immediately let out a horrid scream, we knew straight away she had hurt herself and blood started dripping from her mouth, it looks like a tooth had gone through her lip, but it was a horrible feeling as she cuddled in crying away being unable to calm her down.

Today started in the same was as Saturday ended, with phoebe managing to fall onto one of her toys and split her lip again! She now has two cuts on the same side of her mouth. We then drove to Gala to do some shopping and grab lunch, but despite all the shock and injuries Phoebe was on good form as usual. Once back at the house, whilst Leanne made tea, I got to play with Phoebe with her giggling like crazy everytime she fell onto the sofa trynig to escape from me, she is always great fun, cheering me up before I had to do the tough task of waving goodbye to leave and head back home.

Only a few weeks until I get to go down again though.

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