point and press

By crispinhj


Year's Eve

I spent a lot of time today sorting out the attic. One of my goals is to do a lot more painting next year and to do that I need there to be a space that's organised to do it. And New Year's Eve seems a good day to do clearing away old stuff.

I've never really got my head round how to organise the space since we had it as the office for the business, but at last I think I have a cunning plan and today's work made the whole place feel much more organised and much less like a place where all sorts of things get squeezed in and just sink or swim

A good start to 2014 if that's the case. And I wish everyone on Blip a very happy New Year and hope that it brings you all you wish for. To start it off right here's a track by two of my favourite artists

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