diving station

By reservoir

it's raining hard

umbrella's are being
twisted in the wind

mines just broken..!

I say 'Hi' to the guy at the tea station
and ask for a ' jelly ball milk tea...hot '

he's been working there
all the time I've been in the city

he always seems a happy guy
who I imagine has lots of girlfriends

he grabs a cardboard cup
and scoops in the black jelly balls
then pours in the powdered milk and sugar syrup
adds the tea and then the boiling water

sticks the cup into the cellophane machine
takes it out ...shakes it up
sticks it in a bag with a straw
45 dollars...thankyou

we start talking

i hadn't realised he knew
so much english
untill he asked me

...' are you sad ?... I'm sad....
....I'm sad...because I love a girl very much
but she lives with another guy

I only get to see her 8 hours a week
I need to see her 100 times more than that !

it's not good for me
I'm always thinking
what is she doing with him ?

but she's been with him a long time...5 years
and they've bought a car and things together

I've been with her for 2

but she can't make a decision
about him or me

she's nearly 30
so it's nearly time for her to get married
and have a baby

we broke up for a while
I told her .... I can't take this anymore !

I told her ..go !
go marry your boyfriend !

but later she rang
and told me she missed me

so I started seeing her again

I know I have to do something
...do my job !...ride a bike !...

I know I have to do something
or it will always be like this

with her
only 8 hours a week "........

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