Blue Hogmanay

After taxiing the weans up to Stirling Castle so they could freeze their danglies off dancing along to Deacon Blue and others, I trudged through a muddy field to wait for the Wallace Monument lights to fire up at their appointed time. I'd no idea what that appointed time was until I found a tweet saying there was going to be a lights display at 8:14pm (20:14; see what they did there?). Just got set up in time for the fireworks to spark up and for the monument to turn blue, criss-crossed with floodlights to echo the Scottish saltire. Nice.

Battery gave up before I could set up for a closer shot, probably just as well as I was in need of a bit of a hot toddy pick me up by that point. Back now for a uniquely quiet Hogmanay in watching telly you should really need to be pissed to appreciate, and to wait for the taxi call from the party animals once the fireworks have faded in the first minutes of 2014.

Happy New Year all and very best wishes for 2014, lang may yer lum reek and yer shutters click.

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