By Anniemay


We’ve been battling with a leaking radiator this morning. It wasn’t just leaking it was spraying water out through a hole in the side of the radiator itself. Before it was discovered it had sprayed up the wall and across the corridor and all over the floor in a big puddle. The radiator is turned off now and we’re waiting for central heating engineers to come and look at it. We also have the central heating overflow pouring water outside the house which may or may not be connected to the radiator leak.

I needed an easy shot today and a nice cup of fruit tea to take away the stress.

As well as fitting the challenge topic for today this shot shows off the tea cosy I made a few weeks ago. I made one for my sister first (here) and liked it so much I made one for myself. Fruit tea takes quite a long time to brew and without the cosy ends up lukewarm before it’s ready to drink. This one was perfect and very calming.

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