diving station

By reservoir


some people
drain your energy
leave you exhausted

and the world feels wrong
and your not sure why


like the animation student I met today
give you energy
give you happiness
and change your thinking

she'd been working part time
at the cafe for a couple of weeks

I'd only seen her twice
but she was funny with me and
slightly crazy in a good way

but this morning she came in
and handed over her cafe uniform
and timetable and was saying 'bye-bye'
to the other students behind the counter

if I didn't say something now
she'd be gone

she looked over and smiled
I waved to her to come over

she did : )

two hours later we were still 'talking'

using animation motions and movements
and expressions with each other : D

and knowing so little of each others language
really didn't seem to matter

tonight we're going to try to use
an online-translator to talk to each other

...HA !.. it should be fun !

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