By wingpig

Everyone else is doing it...

Just one shroompic whilst there are still some around. Already they blacken and curl up into a nasty black squidginess just like the people buried beneath. And people eat them for fun...

Shrooms (or stools) prevent me from posting a nice shot of an overweight builder easting a sandwich on the construction beside Scottish Power's little buzzing installation beside the West Approach Road at lunchtime. He saw me watching him and slunk behind a JCB to continue eating.

In between popping shopwise and going to the graveyard for the shrooms I passed a bloke taking a picture of a woman sitting on the benches in Castle Street. Half-tempted to take a picture of them in case it was a blipper but they'd moved off before I could. There should perhaps be some means of identifying each other. Tiny wee stickers for the camera, perhaps?

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