The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

A Very Special Brick.....

For a very Special Person.

Some time ago I was asked to make a brick for a Blipper, and of course I said yes, after all you can't do enough for a friend, even if you have never met them.

This is Peter by the way, our own creative genius who does all the wierd bricks that folks want, including me.

So I got Dave, the Specials Manager and told him, "this has got yo be a really big brick, and ornate", so he got his thinking cap on as usual, and dug out the largest mould we have, he then asked Peter to create a masterpiece, which he is doing here.
Now you have to bear in mind that the clay here is over 30kg in weight, and our hand thrower Seen here, is not on the large size, so two guys threw the clay in one go to make the basic shape.

After a few days of natural drying to harden the clay, Peter is getting to work.
There is a lot more hand work to do on this so I had best leave Peter to it.

Now the failure rate on this monster could be 50% so we are making four just to be on the safe side.

In a few weeks you may see this on blip, one can hope, it's so big it will end up in the garden I think.

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