tyin' knots

By caj

sunrise over the snow

Today was a wonderful day! Up for the sunrise, in order to arrive at church on time, but then got distracted by the gorgeousness of the world, so had to take photos, putting me a narrow on time arrival. It was great to be back at church in Woodland after all my holiday traveling. I'm so blessed to have a church-family in each of my 3 hometowns.
Then, Sarah and I headed out on skis - with the goal of Top of the World - a fabulous high point here with a 360 degree view. I did not make it, Sarah trudged on. Too much snow to break through to actually consider what we were doing skiing. I just couldn't stay on top of my skiis, so after rolling my ankles every other step for an a couple hours I was done. I am excited to get on my snowshoes tomorrow though!

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