Welcome to Absurdistan!

By MildlyOffensive

Grimassen schneiden


As Laura had to study a little more (she has an important exam at the beginning of February), Jen, Thom, Paolo and me went to Deutsches Museum without her. Deutsches Museum is the world's largest museum of science and technology. I definitely have to come back, as the admission fee for students is only €3.

After the museum we went to Isartor to have a Feuerzangenbowle (literally "fire-tongs punch"), where we also met some friends of mine. Jen, Thom and Paolo then headed home to Laura's to help her prepare for tonight's party at her place. My friends and I decided to grab another drink at my favourite bar, Café Kosmos. The picture was taken in said bar and shows VV, her boyfriend Erik (who both are living in Stockholm right now) and Julia, one of my oldest and closest friends, making silly faces.

VV and Erik soon left, because they were going back to Stockholm tomorrow and their flight was leaving rather early. Julia and I headed to Laura's to join the ongoing festivity. Fun was had and rather too many drinks were drunk. I'm going to hate myself tomorrow!

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