Magenta Snaps

By RuthRaymer

Passap E6000

This is my Passap. For those of you who think it looks like some alien contraption, it's a knitting machine. It's the Rolls Royce of knitting machines and it has been hard at work this week.
With a new baby in the family there is much to knit for, but most of my knitting actually goes to a charitable group in the UK who sent miniature clothing, blankets and other supplies to UK Neonatal Units and Maternity Units.
Last year, PreemiesUK sent out almost 500 boxes, containing just over 40,000 items. This is all done by volunteers, a Facebook group of individuals who knit, crochet and sew their fingers off to send these things to clothe babies for whom the UK government provides no budget. I'm proud to be one of them!
Watch my blips for pictures of parcels winging their way to PreemiesUK headquarters.

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