Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Leftover Curry!

First, I'm very glad I blipped Fourier yesterday. He got progressively weaker through the day yesterday, and, this morning when we went to check on him he was quite cold and clearly very poorly. We made the decision to take him for a final trip to the vet, but before we set off for the appointment he died in the Wonderspouse's hands. He was the most gorgeous little guy, and will be very much missed.

Secondly, here's the last treat of the holidays! Last night we fetched a takeaway curry, and, as usual, I had the last of mine for lunch today. It was delicious!

Today we've done cage sorting and cleaning, a bit of housework, and are now psyching ourselves up for the return to work tomorrow and back to the routine of the 6.00 alarm!!!

Busy times - now we've made our goals it's time to put the plans into action!

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