Small mercies

Today has been the day from hell.

I was working from home so that a leaking door could be adjusted by the installer. The VPN connection wasn't working properly so I wasn't actually able to do any work from home. The nice person on the support line was helpful and nice but couldn't actually fix the problem as it was a problem outside of his control. So my day became an unplanned holiday.

Flooding underneath the A303 on the edge of the village meant that the window/door person was unable to take the route he wanted and he was delayed by over an hour. That meant I didn't have enough time left to go into work and salvage something from the day.

After dinner we had a very long parish council meeting, it wasn't terrible but it did go on.

Today's blip is a picture of a converter that allows you to plug a USB mouse into a PS/2 socket, assuming that your mouse is able to send PS/2 signals as well as USB ones. A friend needed one before xmas and I have several so I fished it out to give him next time I see him. It's sad but one has to take ones mercies, however small whenever one can...

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