An Obsessive Photographer

By MadDogGiraffe

Right Place Right Time!

Well I thought I was going to struggle today for a picture but how wrong could I have been. Amazing misty morning across the plain, low lying fog and back light with an orange Sun, it does not get any better from a photography point of view; or does it?

Just as I was admiring the beautiful morning and contemplating were to stop for my Blipfoto, 20' above my head roared a Hercules heading into the sun; just I was was recovering myself from the awesome view, he threw three cargo packs out the back and I was treated to a fabulous warm silhouette against a deep orange sky.

I knew from experience that he would be doing three drops before heading off, I had no idea which this was, I put my foot down and headed to where I know he was dropping. Normally I would be in my old 4x4 when on the plain but I had the next best thing, a hire car! I manage to get on to the field and could see the ground crew still standing back from the drop zone so I new from that and the 6 boxes on the ground, there would be one more pass.

Now I could see the Herc coming in low behind some trees; I scrambled out of the car and round to the boot, grabbed my camera then fumbled around with 2 left hands to switch to my 100-400mm lens. I managed to get it on just in time but with no time to check my settings. Despite the slow shutter speed I am very pleased I got a good record shot for my Blip.

Lesson:- Always, always, always, carry a camera and always, always always put it to the green square before you put it back in the bag.

I never shoot automatic but I do try and store the camera in this mode just in case I come across a scene were I need to grab and shoot or miss the shot. This does pay off, I have had news stories published based on images that have happened in front of me with no notice. A plane crash in Guildford, fights and numerous Nature shots (pair of Night Jars mating).

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