A year in the life of Sar

By Sar2212

Chill out time!

I went to the dentist today (for the first time in years) so I was a little bit nervous but it all went ok and my teeth were fine so that's a relief! I then met mum and dad for coffee, went into Merewether and Will and I met with a wedding photographer, I then met mum and dad at the Nursery for lunch on the way home as they were there on their lunch break. I then took mums advice and just chilled out for a bit, and watched a dvd in the back room (on the mattress that we had pulled up on new years). It was nice just to relax and have a break from wedding planning, and as you can see the doggies were more than happy to join me! After a couple of hours of relaxation I then had to go and meet another photographer at Glendale! It's such a stressful thing choosing the photographer... I want to make sure we get a great one, but don't want to be ripped off either as they are so expensive!!
Tomorrow is my last day of holidays before I go back to work, It's been a great break but not long enough as usual!

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