Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Near the Black Isle Wildlife Park, this evening.

Snow and cold spell continues. Had a Christmas card to deliver to North Kessock. Far too late to post it, and the dicey weather put off any thoughts of cycling over. Was even a bit wary of driving. So I walked the five miles there... and five more back. Chance to test this new lens. It was starting to darken I set off.

This picture - nothing out of the ordinary. Quiet. Simple. I really like it. And as this is a way-back-Blip (uploaded 11-01-2014), I can say from a point of reflection that it is one of my favourite pictures, and one of several such that were taken with this humble camera and lens - there'll be a few more from 2010 when I get around to them. As also said in reply to a comment about the lens, it was something of a love-hate relationship that I had with it! "Mushy" corners of photos were often an issue, but not always. Sold it last year, as soon as there was mention of a new version coming out. May go for that new version, one day...

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