By Jamjaragain

Les Cabanes #8 and a bit

Just to give a clearer explanation (I hope) of yesterday's blip, I thought I'd walk along to the cabana with the cisterna attached and take a photo of the water catchment area. So here it is.

There's a large, sloping area of overlapping flat stones. The rain falls and runs down to a hole near the bottom of the slope, through the wall and fills the cisterna. The curved mound covered in iris plants that you can see is the roof of the cisterna and, to the left, is the roof of the cabana.

By the way, the tall plants that you can see growing are wild fennel.

I have no idea of the age of these cabanes and cisternas and they may go back hundreds of years. All I know is that the farmers would shelter in the cabana during the heat of the day and use it to store their almonds and hazelnuts. The water would have been used to water their animals, maybe a donkey or mule and possibly a couple of goats, and also to water the crops.

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