Sense of Purpose

By brainfreeze

Just hangin' around

Today my Dad, a friend of mine and I descended down 52 meters from top of Kitee ski jumping hill (the bigger one), with a rope (obviously). A guy, who my Mom has met at the flea market/boutique she helps in, is an entrepreneur in this kind of this things (hiking, canoeing, etc.) and we got to try this for free (usually it costs about 200 euros)!

I'm somewhat afraid of heights so I wasn't initially planning of doing this myself, only taking pictures when my old man tries it. However, after walking the slightly wobbly stairs to the top I figured it's propably easier to go down on a rope than descent the stairs... and my friend, who wasn't sure about going through it, came to the same conclusion. The hardest part for me was climbing the stairs up and sitting on the edge of the hatch before descending... The actual descending was fun.

Pictured here is my friend, who went before me. None of us had any cameras with us while descending, because at least I had to hold on to the ropes above with my left hand, to keep myself falling upside down, and lower myself with my right hand. Most of the shots I took were more or less shaky... but then again, so was I. I know there's some people who do this all the time but I didn't think I was propably ever going to do this. I'm still pumped with adrenaline. Friggin' awesome!

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