By wellsforzoe

Molly for Malawi

My morning was very special.
The pics show a moving event to help fund our Malawi projects.
Molly decided after her First Holy Communion to Spend, Save, Share and Donate equally a quarter of the money people gave her. Then she organised a sale of her older toys, with all the funds going to Wells for Zoë.
The amazing story will continue later tonight, as I am rushing now...
She planned and undertook the whole process herself, wrote out and delivered her promotional flyers. She delivered flyers to all her neighbours, saying "let the sun shine on Malawi"and decided Molly for Malawi was a good name for the project.
She selected and priced her products.
The baking came from her very good friend Eithne, who has just qualified as a dentist.
So reluctant was she to leave her post that her mam, had to bring sandwiches. Her dad and granny also helped. Her sister agreed to do any job, but took no responsibility, and her little cousin Carolina and Uncle Rob lent support too.
The neighbours came in droves but we were late comers and missed the rush.
Way to go Molly!

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