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By flashmaggie

Cooking on gas

Yes, it's a kettle. It's my kettle on my gas hob. During the St Jude's storm before Christmas there was a long power cut (over 50 hours). I wasn't just in the dark, and cold, but because my cooker was electric I had no way of heating food or water. A kind friend brought me Thermos flasks of hot water, but it was no fun. So my lovely son has bought me a new cooker, with a gas hob, which the lovely chaps from John Lewis came and installed this morning. We're big fans of John Lewis because their customer service is brilliant and their staff are "partners" in the business, which is good.

If you're wondering why it took so long to get the cooker, that's another story, to do with fireproofing the recess in the kitchen and reluctant handymen.

So hooray! The next time there's a power cut, I shall be able to cook and boil a kettle. Wonderful!

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