Daily Wild

By emyjane

This seat is taken!

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As I almost always have the macro lens attached to my camera these days, it's annoying when a shot like this happens... but it's ok I think! This male pheasant is often in the garden, he was very afraid of us in the beginning, now he's quite relaxed. I hope he doesn't turn psycho like the other one did last year!


Western tower

Another epic gym session today. I've been asked to be a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding in Orpington (Kent) in May - I knew it was going to happen & I've known for a month or so - so now it's gym every day, it's pushing myself to the limits every day, as I must shift this weight as I don't want to look fat in the dress - which is being chosen this weekend & I've told her to order a larger size so if I *have* lost the weight, I can at least take the dress in... perhaps? :) xxx

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