By BuschObama

Pay yourself first!

Jeanette Hauff works for the insurance company Skandia in Stockholm. Today she got up at 5AM to get on the early morning flight out of Gothenborg on the westcoast to meet us for an interview at 10 oclock. Smiling she told us about the motherhood of six children. It takes a modern husband to get all the logistics right. Twice a week she flies across the country for the day.

Jeanette has for the last 10 years been researching at the University of Gothenburg the mental processes of how we make financial decisions. On what grounds do we choose and invest in fonds,savings and insurance. She had one great piece of advice:
Pay yourself first,
When you are being paid, life put aside for yourself,it is called savings. Nést touche pas! Its for your future use !

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