In a clear effort on the part of Him Upstairs to redress the balance of yin and yang after all yesterday's excitement, I ran a dog over on the way home last night.

The poor thing came out of nowhere, straight across the road and into my path. Neither of us really stood a chance, but a dramatic skid and swerve left me very shaken and it, hopefully, with no more than a few broken bones and another chance at life.

So I found myself down the local copshop this afternoon, making a full report and providing all the documents, licenses and certificates a driver of a car is required to have. It saddens me beyond belief that the owner of another living being is required to have none of the above.

If he had, he probably wouldn't have let his dog run out into the road in the first place, his reaction after it being struck by a car probably wouldn't have been "don't worry mate, it'll teach him a lesson - he's always running out in the road", and he probably wouldn't have lifted the dog up and just taken it home.

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