It's a tidy-up day as it is just wet, windy and grey outside. I never get far with the tidying as I start reminiscing over the things I rediscover. Languages were always my thing and French was my favourite. Forty years ago when I headed off to College, I invested 50 shillings in old money in the Shorter French Dictionary. I was glad I opted for that one rather than the Longer version as it took some strength to lug even the Shorter one around! My claim to having been a French Mistress ( briefly ) still makes me laugh. I also learned German, Latin and Spanish to varying degrees of competence. My latest project is to learn Irish - I am still on chapter 1 learning weather terms - today it is fliuch - very! I am aiming to learn the words to this anthem before the mighty Irish take on the French in The World Cup playoffs. Sad? Me? Never!
Have a great Wednesday everyone despite the awful weather - I am going back to my reminiscing.

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