occhi verdi

By occhiverdi


Rainey Street, Austin, TX.

Surprise birthday party for Katy's brother-in-law, Kyle! Dirty 29, right? Thank you for inviting us, Katy, Patrick, and Megan!

Then and now. (He gave me the UT sweatband last month. Win. Uhh, I should clarify.. he gave me a pair of *new* UT sweatbands last month.)

So Ryan Foley and I started dating last month. I'm pretty damn excited about it-- I mean, he's been my best friend for years. And who can really make me laugh more than this guy? (Spoiler alert: no one can.) I haven't written anything because I haven't sat still long enough to edit/upload photos. So beware that there will most definitely be more similar photos coming up. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

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