So had to go to triage today (a job centre work programme). Had to go, no choice as I have been unemployed for a while now.

It was meant to be me and an adviser going through jobs with advice on how to get jobs with my illnesses/disabilities.

But no, just put on a computer and left to it.

Please excuse me swearing but I was f*ck*ng raging!

Kept my gob shut tho.

Did mention I had already searched through 6 sites this morning and me being sat there was a waste of time...

The woman in charge just looked at me with a 'who the fu.. do you think you are' look, shrugged and walked and walked away...


A waste of time and all I felt was humiliated and embarrassed to be sat there with a couple of junkies and neds like a lazy shit who doesn't really want a job... If they look at my work record it's plain to see I have always had a job up until a few years ago when my vertigo got bad.

So after looking through all the same jobs as i did this morning, this week and this month I applied for none that I hadn't already applied for as there wasn't enough hours, or I didn't have the qualifications, or child care, or couldn't do the work as it was heavy lifting, or couldn't manage because of my hearing.

And I wrote beside every one of the jobs on a list of about 40 that this arse had given me exactly why I wouldn't manage the job and left it on her desk - BITCH

(Takes a deep breath)

Anyway there was a beautiful sunset all the way home on the bus and I bolted up the stairs when I got in to see if I could catch any of it... no.

So sent Kade out past the trees blocking it and he managed to snap this :)

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