Soft Portrait with Brush

Slept well last night as was evidenced by me feeling good today when Cian got up and we got him ready for Nursery. What a difference a day makes. He seems to be obeying commands without much fussing and no-ing. It was when we decided that the whole of the kitchen floor was a lake and we had to rescue Esme from the shark that things started to go bad. Well only bad because he thought that that adventure was better than Nursery and then he didn't want to go. He was frogmarched out and on his way. Missy and I had a bit of fun together at breakfast and I let her off to wander. A few minutes later she was found sitting in Cian's chair with a book in her hand. She just loves that wee chair. Later she had great fun emptying Granny's handbag very niftily getting in to things she shouldn't have had ( note to self----put bags and any dangerous materials well out of her way. She might start wearing my lippy)

Cian came home and was behaving in an exemplary manor. The word naughty came up in to the conversation and he had a twinkle in his eye so I turned that conversation right off or he would start on his tricky ways and want to be naughty and he can think of a 100 ways to do that. He had loads of books read to him and he got his garage back for good behavior. He ate his lunch and was even hungry for it. Put the flags out, he is behaving.

Later when his Mum came home and made some calls about her new job we came back home and Lindsay, then other Granny Anne and Jody and then Gordon came home. Jody was in fine form clutching a red bus that G had as a child. It had been attached to him all day and it wasn't going anywhere else for he rest of the day.

We all enjoyed a nice Thai curry made by Gordon and Lindsay and Anne went home.

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