By KariDi

The works...and Burns suppers

The good things: all three of today's decisive and useful meetings lasted only half the time they'd been scheduled to run. An ex-colleague popped up unexpectedly. Somebody said lovely things about me to my CEO at some recent point in time. Apparently my hair was shiny & excellent today. Also, La Favorita are doing two versions of Haggis pizzas for a limited time - a Burns Supper Pizza & a Haggis one. Tried the Haggis Pizza tonight. Love it.

The bad things: will be forgotten about until they are inevitably revisited tomorrow.

Was looking for a book of Burns poetry, in advance of the Big Burns Supper Festival, and came across a heavy book on Burns poetry & life which belonged to my Dad. Further inspection shows that it's old (possibly 1835), contains many illustrations, including this blip, & lots, LOTS, of tiny print. I think the paperback I bought last year (in Dumfries) will travel with me, but this book of poems, epistles & 'notes' may be illuminating!

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