Desperately seeking

By clickychick


When I did my 100th blip I thought 200 would be such a huge thing! Now I know this community so much better I realise I've only just begun.

Recently I have had some great tuition from members: Stewartbremner for light trails, AlisonM for studio set-up, Xtine for Photoshop tips, Brickmaker for smoke technique and Chippy for letting me run gallons of water in the sink to help me get to grips with manual settings! Everywhere on this huge site, members are teaching and inspiring, members are learning and aspiring. Isn't that great!

When I did my 100th blip I was on a showfield with limited mobile broadband, today for my 200th blip day I'm heading off across the A66 for #1 Daughter's wedding in Sheffield. The theme of the decorations will be red roses and ivy, hence my choice for the blip. My mobile BB will probably work but I don't suppose I'll be allowed much time on the laptop once we arrive! Over the weekend you MIGHT get blips from The Bride, The Bridesmaid, The Uncle, The Friend as well as my own! (I may not be the one who takes the best shot, but I will be trying my hardest!)

Have a great weekend, everyone, I'm certainly going to try!


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