Tractor Factory Photos

By TractorFactoryPhotos

Skating in a Cradle...

Got up early today to get to the ferry from Queenscliff over to Sorrentto. This takes you anti-clockwise round Port Phillip Bay.

Stopped in Rye to see where Tam lived then stopped at Rye skate park which is a very bowl with a cradle. After Rye we headed through to Seaford to Mokeka's. She wasn't in but we found her eventually. Met Heather (Moneka's cousin) and her husband Brad and daughter Casey.

Helped set up party at the local junior football club. Got dressed for party. I went as Beaker from the muppets. Tam dress as a 60's hippy.

We got VB (Victoria Bitter) for the party. It was good party except for Josh (Moneka's brother) and Moneka's step father fighting.

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